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Every business desires increased revenue, and decreased operating costs. Cloud makes this possible, and then some.

By combining the power of the cloud with application modernization, businesses are attempting to create outstanding, hyper-personalized client experiences. However, developing a cloud transformation plan and implementing the migration of mission-critical applications to the cloud while maintaining high performance, governance, and security can be difficult. Enterprises can improve business agility, increase cloud ROI, and drive top-line growth by implementing a comprehensive cloud strategy. This is where we step in! We are driven by results and understand how cloud can propel your enterprise to stratospheric success.

Our Cloud Services

Application House consultancy - solution for every/any Salesforce problem

Application House offers Salesforce solutions to customers across the world ranging from the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

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Innovative Solutions to allow Multiple Price Book on Salesforce Platform

Application House developed innovative Solutions to allow Multiple Price Books on the Salesforce Platform available on Salesforce AppExchange.

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What do we do?

Integration and API Services

Allow businesses to thrive in a highly competitive digital economy by facilitating ecosystem intermediation, data assetization, and monetization via APIs in a multi-cloud environment.

Application Development Services

Using microservices, serverless, and containerization, define the ideal business environment with cloud-native apps that are independently deployable, lightweight, and agile.

Cloud Migration Services

With eZcloud Pilot, cloud migration factory, and cloud managed services, companies may embark on a cloud journey that is orchestrated through decision services, assuring a transformation continuum.

On-the-go accessibility:

Data in the cloud can be accessible from any location on the planet (with the appropriate user permissions). The service is secured against security vulnerabilities and other concerns thanks to the automatic cloud updates.


Businesses can maintain the system's confidentiality and integrity, as well as keep data safe and private, by using secure solution design and development lifecycles, as well as secure practises and methodologies.

Scale as you please:

Businesses must be able to scale or cut their workloads on the fly in today's uncertain times. Companies can function effectively without harming the application's performance if they can handle sudden workload changes properly.

Swifter than ever:

In the cloud, infrastructure may be provided in minutes rather than months, and de-provisioned just as quickly.


The increased efficiency in the firm's day-to-day operations, such as database administration, deploying new apps or buying and putting them up, and configuring servers, results in cost savings from cloud adoption.

Seamless deployment to market:

Agile development processes and flexible cloud deployment choices help our clients gain a competitive advantage by accelerating the release of apps and services to the market.

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