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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a vast network of interconnected smart systems that connect our devices, homes, businesses, cities, and governments throughout the world, connecting billions of people and their data.

Hundreds of billions of connected smart gadgets are becoming more and more important in the running of our modern civilization. Industry 4.0, which involves the actual production of commodities and supply chain management using advanced digital technology and interconnected systems, has already begun.

IoT solutions have become critical for business model innovation, increased productivity, and long-term viability. We believe in going beyond what’s required to see what’s now feasible with IoT in order to create purpose-driven, flexible, and resilient businesses in a connected ecosystem of suppliers, partners, and end customers. Application House combines together the desire for innovation, technical and engineering expertise, and deep contextual understanding from a variety of industries to help you develop a boundaryless organisation, automate processes, and create immersive experiences with a clear purpose.

The Internet of Things is a concept of connecting any gadget to the internet and other linked devices. Any physical object that can control through the internet can be counted as an IoT device; Every device that can take command through an application on your mobile phone is an IoT device.

The term IoT is used for devices that generally do not expect to have an internet connection; They cannot communicate with the Internet network Independently; Therefore, a computer or a smartphone does not count as an IoT device. However, a smartwatch, fitness band, smart tv, smart air conditioner, etc., can be examples of IoT devices.

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