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Salesforce Consulting Partner

Expertise in the Salesforce, Java .NET, Arduino, Mbed Embedded systems

Salesforce Consulting Partner

Application House is an approved Salesforce consultancy partner, providing multi-disciplinary Salesforce consultancy. Find out more.

Multi-discipline Salesforce consultancy

Expertise in the Salesforce, Java. NET, Arduino, Mbed Embedded systems.

Salesforce ISV Partner

Application House is an ISV partner, building some of the more powerful Pricebook apps out there including an Automated Multiple PriceBook for calculating prices, which is available on Salesforce AppExchange. This allows one to use multiple Pricebooks in order to customise price bases on company, distributor, partner & product type. Find out more.

Our Services

We build on the IT domain expertise and industry knowledge to design sustainable technology solutions.

Disrupt, scale and redefine what's possible

We trust the power of technology, and as enthusiasts, have witnessed and understood how it can change lives and entire ecosystems.

As a young advisory firm whose foundations have been reinforced by a great deal of experience, we at Application House rely on our extensive experience and expertise in the information technology sector to provide consultation that helps one navigate a rapidly evolving, digitised landscape.

Our capabilities pave the way for organisations to ramp up their game, foray into new markets, and discover exciting possibilities in order to stay ahead of the curve.

We are positioned to deliver meaningful results for you. Our talented teams sit at the confluence of industry, process, and technology.

We integrate growth platforms into our strategy, design, and implementation.

On average, our domain specialists have 20 years of experience transforming businesses from the inside out.

Our programmes are designed to help you achieve actionable outcomes quickly so you can demonstrate value to your stakeholders.

We promote business agility and transformation to a real-time enterprise, unlock the power of data, architecture, and AI.

We alter performance and lay the groundwork for agility and development, develop intelligent operational models

We utilize technology and new architectures as important corporate growth enablers.

Salesforce multiple Price Book Solution: Automated Multiple Price Books App

Prices for App

4 Per month per user

  • Perfect for more than 100 users

Prices for App

10 Per month per user

  • Perfect for small companies up to 20 users

Prices for App

4000 Per month

  • Perfect for large companies for Unlimited users

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