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Expertise in the Salesforce, Java .NET, Arduino, Mbed Embedded systems

Application House provides Multi-discipline IT consulting services. Over one decade of experience ranging from Java and .NET to Arduino, Mbed Embedded systems in the IT industry, helping businesses make right technology investments.

We offer professional IT consultants and workshops for the businesses. Developed applications that use JSP, JSF, JavaScript, HTML, XML, XSLT and Ant. Server side development in the Enterprise Java, Struts, .NET, ASP.NET Web form, MVC and C#.

Application House built most powerful price book App: Automated Multiple Price Book for pricing calculation available in Salesforce AppExchange which allows to use multiple Price Book to customise prices base on company,distributor,partner &product type.

Expertises building use cases, managing scope to drive delivery, and building a team that delivers solutions.

Bringing wider areas of knowledge of Information technologies including computer/electronic/IT engineering and financial engineering.

Application House is passionate about technologies, engineering and science that combine can benefit enormous amounts of opportunity to optimise and provide best suitable solutions that fit for today’s world.

Implemented solution in most of technologies available in the world of embedded system (IOT), cloud applications, off the shelf application, various computer systems, data intelligence using BI tools like Tableau, QlikView, reporting tool, data design & architecture, wireless-mobile-satellite communication which makes wide range of use cases and systems.


Our IT firm provides comprehensive IT consulting services & solutions to the businesses. Implemented projects in Information Technologies/Computing like Software Development, Usability engineering, Network Management, Database Management, Web application, Business Intelligence, Modelling, Project Management, Electronics & Communications Engineering and various others covering all aspects of IT & all dimensions of Information Technologies.

Manage scope and business expectation very well that fit in currently available resources by best management of small resources to fulfil business needs across the world.

Application House offers comprehensive Salesforce Application Development & Maintenance services that addresses various branches of the application’s overall implementation.We at Application House aren’t afraid to delve into the nitty-gritty of your company’s problems. Our trained Salesforce professionals are ready to find answers to your hardest questions so that you may reach your business objectives. Our Salesforce solution architects get to the bottom of things and then pull up their sleeves to make sure the proper technology is picked. We are willing to go above and above to assist our clients in achieving their company goals and increasing their productivity using Salesforce. Our services ensure that your customers, workers, and partners have a positive experience. We combine our industry experience with innovative multi-cloud solutions to assist organisations speed their cloud journey.

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