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Salesforce Price Books App in the AppExchange for pricing calculation

Use Automated Multiple Price Book (Pricebook) App to customise price base on company type, distributor type, partner type & product type. Guarantee minimum impact on your business process, code, customisation, provides best possible solution to fit need.

Power of price customisation based on Company, Distributor, Partner & Product Type forms 16 core combinations that could reach 500,000+ total variations. Price Books (Pricebook or Pricebook2) configuration allows to set prices based on these combinations

Prices from price books can be calculated in Opportunity Product (OpportunityLineItem) based on discount or margin that can apply between Company and Distributor, Distributor and Partner, Partner and End User or any other combination. Prices can expire.

Multiple default Price Books can be set so that it auto calculates prices based on Price Book selected in Opportunity.

Multiple promotional Price Books can be added to opportunity that allows to run various promotions and offers that can expire.

Please reach out to us and we will demo you multiple price books.

Steps to use multiple price books in opportunity are:

Your Salesforce admin configure price book using dedicated custom object so that price is calculated based on company type, distributor type, partner type, product type, product category or product service level. Therefore when sales team add product to opportunity, prices automatically calculate based on this configuration, no more manual discount or margin is needed so that Sales Manager can fully control pricing for their whole team.

Your Salesforce admin can share price book to selective sales team, sales region, sales channel like direct, indirect etc. so that other sales team must not use same discount/margin or prices should not be visible to them.

Salesforce developer can filter what opportunity product can be process by multiple price book. Therefore it is possible to process selectively, this is fully configured in the custom meta using your own apex class for filter.

Salesforce developer can choose to provide test class that creates opportunity, price book, product test data, by configuring in custom meta data.

Using a dedicated custom object, your Salesforce admin can set up a pricing book that calculates prices depending on company type, distributor type, partner type, product type, product category, or product service level. As a result, when salespeople add products to opportunities, prices are automatically calculated based on this setup; no manual discounts or margins are required, allowing Sales Managers to have complete pricing control over their whole team.

Your Salesforce admin can share a price book with a certain sales team, sales region, or sales channel (direct, indirect, etc.) so that other sales teams cannot use the same discount/margin and prices are hidden from them.

A Salesforce developer can use different price books to filter which opportunity products can be processed. As a result, selective processing is available, and this is fully specified in the custom meta utilising your own apex class for filtering.

By setting in custom meta data, Salesforce developers can supply test classes that build opportunity, price book, and product test data.

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