The Client:

A Non-Profit in Educational Industry

Our client is addressing the low college graduation rate of first-generation students from under-resourced communities. They believe that students should have a mentor and guide when they apply for college, throughout their college years, and as they land a job. To help them with their mission, they brought in Salesforce.

Salesforce Case Study Non-Profit in Educational Industry Technical Debt

The Situation

Unfortunately, Our client has amassed overdue technical debt by the end of 2021, especially as their Salesforce Admin was transitioning out of the organization. One of the technical specialists listed the technical debts, identifying the improvements necessary for their Salesforce implementation.

APEX Code Improvements

The list enumerated two categories. Here are some of the issues for each of them:

The Project: Technical Debt

Our client enlisted the help of Application House to accomplish the technical debt.

APEX Code Improvements

Process Builder Improvements

Because Salesforce no longer recommends Process Builders, Application House is working on converting the Process Builder to Flows as this is now the recommended tool of Salesforce now. Some of the issues addressed while doing the conversion are:

Minimize yearly updates on Process Builders relating to year/date adjustments using custom settings and formula fields

Remove the use of Hardcoded IDs

Additional Entry Criteria to make sure the flows run only when needed.

Additional Improvement

Application House has also worked on other issues that are not on the list, including:

The Purpose of the Project

The technical debt project targets items that optimize the client's processes and ensure they follow the best practices in implementing Salesforce. In doing so, Our client gets the most out of the platform.

The Results

By accomplishing the technical debts, our client brings their Salesforce up to standard, optimizing the user experience for their organization.

In the list, most of the improvements Apex Code items were improved to prevent security issues

While the Process Builder improvements ensure our client processes run faster. As a result, our client can now update over twenty records at a time compared to the previous five.

The Application House Value

Application House started its part in the technical debt project with only one man on the wheel. But after the in-house Salesforce Admin was transitioned out, this person had to assume other tasks relevant to the freshly vacated position. So Application House dispatches additional sets of capable hands. 

We bring to the table our dedication as we deconstruct your needs to find the most fitting solutions that will serve you for a long time. Our team ensures your Salesforce will streamline and run your operations smoothly. Our team is with you from start to finish, helping you navigate any changes that may come along the way. We're here to get you to your success.

To help you level out uncertainties, we're currently offering the pro bono program. By helping your causes as a nonprofit, we do our part to better the world and bring more good to people.

Application House is a multi disciplined Salesforce Partner
Client Testimonials
Our Customer's Experience with Application House
Client Testimonials

At Application House, our customer's success defines our success. We make sure that all engagements are carried out with end-to-end support from our consultants.


Project Review - Salesforce Verified

We brought on Application House to support our team as our in-house Salesforce Admin was planning to transition out of the organization. The Application House team did an exemplary job learning about the organization and our data needs in order to support us. I have worked with data consultants in the past who struggled to learn all of the nuance of our program and our staff's needs, but I had the complete opposite experience with Application House. Over time, we were able to transition from merely focusing on short-term "survival" maintenance to bigger-picture projects like cleaning out old fields, relieving technical debt, and completing important documentation work to help us maintain our systems over time.