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    What is a Salesforce QuickStart package?

    A pre-configured implementation solution is provided to help your organizations quickly set up and start using the Salesforce platform.

    These packages are aimed at getting businesses up and running with key Salesforce functionalities in a short amount of time. The goal of a QuickStart package is to accelerate the deployment process, reduce the complexity of the initial setup, and provide you with the essential tools and training you need to start leveraging Salesforce products effectively.


    The Quick Start Package typically includes:​

    Configuration Templates:

    Pre-built configurations designed to align with common business processes.


    Basic customization to fit the specific needs of the organization.​

    User Training:

    Basic training to help users get started with the Cloud features.​

    Best Practices:

    Guidance on best practices for using the cloud as per your requirements.​

    Data Migration:

    Assistance with migrating existing data into Salesforce.​

    Our Salesforce QuickStart Delivery Model

    Our 8-step delivery model to get you up to speed with Salesforce QuickStart packages and improve the efficiency of your existing processes.


    Initial preparation​

    Understand the business processes and requirements to identify the key functionalities needed from Salesforce.


    Salesforce Account Setup​

    Set up standard objects and customize fields and page layouts according to business needs.



    Quick implementation with limited downtime to get your processes up and running.


    Data Migration​

    Migrate existing data into Salesforce using data import tools or third-party migration tools.


    Configuration & Customization​

    Configuring user profiles, roles, and permissions. Customizing page layouts and record types to match your business processes.



    Provide training sessions for end-users and administrators to ensure they understand how to use Salesforce effectively.


    Testing & Go-live​

    Conduct thorough testing of the configured Salesforce instance to ensure that it meets your organization's requirements and functions as expected.


    Post Implementation Support​

    Provide ongoing support and maintenance for the Salesforce instance to address any user questions or issues that are flagged by your team.

    Begin your Salesforce QuickStart Journey now

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    Value Add & Benefits

    1-1 Follow ups

    Our plan includes all communications with a dedicated POC/Salesforce expert. This ensures complete ownership and one stakeholder.​

    Value Add & Benefits

    Certified Proficient Experts​

    All resources deployed are Certified Salesforce experts with proven experience on Sales Cloud implementation. With proper certification retentions.​

    Value Add & Benefits

    Transparency (24*7)​

    Log submission of total hours completed on implementation with tasks completed and WIP for the entire engagement.​

    Value Add & Benefits

    Training & Support​

    Our experts will ensure that your Sales team is hands on and confident on using Sales Cloud. Setup automated reporting as per your requirements.​

    Value Add & Benefits

    Dashboard Setup​

    Enable dashboards that showcase your region-wise oppurtunities, leads and closures. Gives you an overall picture of the Sales function per region.​

    Value Add & Benefits

    Post Go-live Support​

    Our experts go the extra mile by extending post Go-live support as part of our starter pack.​ praising pain was born and we will give you complete account of the system the actual teachings of the great explorer.

    Our Multi-Cloud

    Salesforce Starter Packs

    Find our Multi-Cloud quick start packages and discover the features and benefits of individual clouds to streamline your business processes with a Go-live 4 weeks.

    Service Image

    Sales Cloud
    Quick Start

    Focuses on setting up the core features including lead, opportunity, account, and contact management.

    Service Image

    Service Cloud
    Quick Start

    Tailored to quickly implement functionalities such as case management, email-to-case, service console setup, and knowledge base initialization.

    Service Image

    Salesforce CPQ
    Quick Start

    Streamline your Configure, Quote and Price processes for your Products and services.

    Service Image

    Experience cloud
    Quick Start

    It includes basic customization, user roles setup, and initial content creation to foster collaboration and engagement.

    Service Image

    Financial Services
    Cloud Quick Start

    Setting up core functionalities such as client and household management, financial goal tracking, and referral management.

    Service Image

    Non-Profit Cloud
    Quick Start

    It covers donor management, donation tracking, constituent relationship management, and basic reporting to support nonprofit operations.

    Service Image

    Pardot & MCE
    Quick Start

    Setting up email marketing, lead scoring and grading, basic landing pages and forms, and initial training on using Pardot for marketing campaigns.