Application House offers Salesforce support plans that include both price plans and packages. These Salesforce support plans are designed to help customers get the most out of their Salesforce experience. The Salesforce support price plans are tailored to specific needs and budgets, while the packages offer a more comprehensive approach to support additional features and services. Application House offers a quick start for Salesforce with a starter pack for Salesforce Quick Start | Salesforce Jump Start | Sales Cloud | Service Cloud and Salesforce Pardot & Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Quick Starts | Jump Start. Book a free consultation for more information. 

Salesforce Support Plan

Salesforce Consulting Partner

Application House will find the right Salesforce solutions for your business.


Salesforce Managed Service Partner (MSP)

Application House offers BAU change, maintenance & support, available around the clock.


Salesforce AppExchange/ ISV Partner

Building applications to solve a unique business problem that is not available via the standard Salesforce platform.

IT Consulting

We offer professional IT consultant and workshops for small businesses. We will develop everything from standard software to complex systems.

Why Choose Us

Providing 360 degree solution

Application House expertise is not just limited to software applications but ranges from IoT to Hardware, Data Warehouse to Business Intelligence and Enterprise Software to Cloud ranging from every aspect of communication technologies.

Versatile Expertise

Application House is proud to be an application consultancy in various sectors of the IT Consultancy Industry ranging from Salesforce Consultancy, ISV/AppExchange, and Managed Service (MSP) to Microsoft to Enterprise Java Applications and most prominent cloud applications, drop us a line to learn more

World Best Resources & Collaborations

Application House experts and clients are based all over the world ranging from the United Kingdom, Europe, United States, India, Philippines and Australia that gives the world the best collaboration and resources for your business

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Of the many Salesforce consulting partners, we are a reliable and experienced team which can help you leverage to boost productivity and growth. Share your contact information and we will touch base with you soon.

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