The Client:
Healthcare Nonprofit :

Uninstalling the Managed Package & Keeping Data and Application Unaffected

Our client shares the outreach mission for Healthcare. It guides and supports organizations and leaders in managing the dynamic and complex healthcare scene.

As a regional and local expert, Our client offers technology innovation, performance improvement, and healthcare transformation for communities and the diverse requirements of professionals in the Healthcare field.

Healthcare Nonprofit Case Study

The Challenge

To uninstall an application package from their system without disrupting the flow of their daily operations.

The Decision

The features were bound to the application, and the rights to such belonged to the former consulting partner. Once the partnership ended, Our client was locked out of the app and required additional costs for full access. As such, the centre decided to cut out the managed package from their system.


The connection between our client and Application House Limited is underpinned by the collaboration between two individuals & experts in their industry. Our client's side was the one who had been taking the role of a Salesforce Admin for the centre and enlisted the help of our expert in learning some areas of Salesforce administration.

The Process
How Did Application House Do It

Installation and uninstallation both sound easy, and often it is. Imagine the social media applications you run on your computer with just a few clicks of the mouse. However, for our client, removing the app that a former partner made meant possible hold-ups in their operations, which complicated the uninstallation process.

To help realize the uninstallation, the Application House team leveraged Salesforce Sandboxes and Production Org. They made two sandboxes from our client's production org that underwent multiple testing. Because sandboxes don’t have live data, the team was able to simulate how the uninstallation would go without the risks that our client listed.

Targets Result Solution
Operations Our client’s operation was not hindered by the uninstallation. By using the sandboxes, a simulation safely configured the uninstallation of the app without affecting daily activities.
Data Our client remained unaffected by the uninstallation. The multiple testing done allowed an uninstallation that did not affect data.
Uninstallation Our client had detached an app that they could not fully use. Using Salesforce Sandboxes, risks were cleared and uninstallation was completed.
A Look into Non Profit Healthcare Industry

Formed under state law, non-profit organizations serve varying communities for multiple purposes except for generating profit.

This sector includes churches, public schools, volunteer services organizations, labour unions, and research institutes.

Working in this sector, our client is a trusted advisor to those in the healthcare industry. Its team supports clinicians, administrators, and other healthcare organizations in complying with changing state and federal regulations.

One of its services involves support with HIPAA Privacy & Security, a government-mandated rule that establishes federal requirements on how to protect patient health information.

Our client advises organizations on how to align the handling and maintenance of data with HIPAA law. The centre then has the added role of a data keeper as it works with sensitive client data.

The non-profit sector, like other sectors, is moving towards digitalization. From communications to finance to simple record-keeping, tools are now available to streamline many, if not all, facets of an organization’s day-to-day activities.

For non-profit organizations like our clients that handle sensitive and confidential data, the tools they use should be able to safely keep data without the risk of leakage or exposure and being lost.

However, non-profits often work with a budget that cannot accommodate some extravagant software in the market or an application of their own.

Application House Value for Non-Profit

Our goal is to help you achieve your own: to further your social cause and offer public service. We can help you remove dependability on an application or tool that may not be with you until the end. For a cost that works best for you, we can help you build an app that is yours and yours alone, so any functionalities it has is accessible to you without any further or hidden fee. And we don’t end there: we can even support you with the upgrade or enhancement or creating additional features.

We can take on any IT-related work you may have to help you focus on what matters to you: helping better communities and serving their people.

Who We Are

Application House Limited prides itself in its Salesforce expertise and a 360° solution provider identity. With multidiscipline knowledge in IT, we are what you can call a 'complete package.' We not only offer architecture services, but we can also find you the right Salesforce staff. Need to expedite a 12-month project? We can work with your existing partners to complete such in 6 months or less. Maybe you need someone to check your codes? We can also do that for you! Application House is a one-stop shop for your every IT need.

Application House is a multi disciplined Salesforce Partner
Client Testimonials
Our Customer's Experience with Application House
Client Testimonials

At Application House, our customer's success defines our success. We make sure that all engagements are carried out with end-to-end support from our consultants.


Project Review - Salesforce Verified

The Application House Team is very knowledgeable about Salesforce and explained complex processes clearly which helped me to understand Salesforce a lot better. They helped me throughout the process and made sure I was satisfied with the results. I hope to continue to work with Application House in the future!