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The Design and Discovery stage is a critical initial phase in a Salesforce implementation project, focusing on understanding business needs, mapping out the project, and planning for a solution that aligns with organizational goals. This stage lays the foundation for a successful Salesforce deployment by ensuring that the final implementation effectively meets the specific requirements of the business. Our Consultants deep dive into your existing Salesforce install base and the processes as well.

Salesforce Design Consultation Services

Roadmap to Success

Our discovery and design services are built to give you a full understanding of your Salesforce and put together a roadmap to success.


The Power of Salesforce

We do this by fully understanding you and your Salesforce org and creating a route to success and sustainable growth with Salesforce.

Application House

Discovery Phase

Salesforce Discovery Phase

Solution Architecture​

Develop a comprehensive Salesforce solution architecture that addresses the gathered requirements. This includes deciding on the Salesforce products (e.g., Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud) and the customizations needed.​


Process Mapping​

Design or re-design business processes that will be supported by Salesforce, ensuring they align with best practices and the organization's goals. This might involve streamlining workflows, automating tasks, and defining new processes.​


Data Strategy​

Outline how data will be managed within Salesforce, including data modeling, migration strategies, and data integrity measures. This step ensures that Salesforce will house clean, organized, and useful data.​


Security Model​

Define a security model that includes user roles, permissions, and data access policies to ensure that sensitive information is protected and compliance requirements are met.​


Gap Analysis​

Create prototypes or mock-ups of the Salesforce solution. These prototypes are then reviewed by stakeholders to gather feedback, which is crucial for refining the design before development begins.​

Salesforce - Design and discovery services
Application House

Design Phase

Salesforce Design Phase

Understanding Business Objectives​

The process starts with a deep dive into the organization's goals, challenges, and expectations from the Salesforce platform. This involves identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) and success metrics.​


Stakeholder Engagement​

Engage with stakeholders across different departments to gather a comprehensive understanding of their needs, pain points, and expectations from Salesforce. This can include interviews, workshops, and surveys.​


Current Systems Analysis​

Review the existing systems and processes to identify what’s working well and what isn’t. This helps in understanding the scope for improvement and integration requirements with Salesforce.​


Requirements Gathering​

Collect detailed functional, technical, and business requirements. This step involves documenting specific features, functionalities, and customizations needed in the Salesforce solution.​


Gap Analysis​

Perform an analysis to identify gaps between the current state and the desired future state. This highlights areas where Salesforce can bridge these gaps to meet business needs.​

Requirement Gathering


These are the questions we hear a lot and you'll find the answers below. But if you have others, please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help.

Why Discovery & Design?

Application house renders this service to understand your Salesforce install base i.e. a basic Salesforce health check. Our Certified experts understand your current processes and analyze how you can make the most out of your Salesforce investments.

What is the Application House Value add?

We have a dedicated POC on the engagement, as we make sure all queries are resolved with a quick TOT and our certified experts take up end-to-end ownership and render post-engagement support to get your team hands-on and confident on Salesforce.

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